2nd Street Complete

Posted by: Communications Manager on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 12:00:00 am

City of Lawton officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the completion of 2nd Street on May 3. The 2nd Street enhancement project was completed in three phases. 2nd Street serves as the main entrance to Lawton's downtown area, and to Elmer Thomas Park, the Museum of the Great Plains, McMahon Memorial Auditorium, the downtown shopping district and hotel accommodations. This project has provided the following:

  • Removed and Replaced ~4,000 LF of roadway (5 – 12’ lanes) and Sidewalk (10’ wide) (roughly 9 blocks)
  • Placed 4 new traffic light assemblies
  • Planted ~75 new trees
  • Placed ~1280 LF of 10’ wide pedestrian/bicycle pathway and 52 new ADA Access Point/Ramps along 2nd street to include crosswalks at all cross streets and pedestrian crossing signs at all 3 major intersections on the traffic lights (C Ave, Gore Ave, and Ferris Ave).
  • Installed 98 new high-efficiency street lights
  • Installed irrigation along both sides of the roadway to ensure the newly planted landscaping was low maintenance.
  • Upgraded storm water systems throughout the project area to help minimize any future flooding concerns.   


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