Lawton Soccer Club presents Taya Kyle

Posted by: Special Projects Manager on Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 12:00:00 am


The Lawton Soccer Club presents Taya Kyle


Friday, September 8, 2017 at McMahon Auditorium

Tickets are on sale at McMahon Auditorium | 801 NW Ferris Ave | Lawton

Southwest Chemical Co | #1 SW C Ave | Lawton


Life with my husband taught me many things, shares Taya Kyle.  "Probably the biggest thing it taught me was how to turn a life of fear into a life of faith.  I learned strength and humility through Chris.  I do my best to share that strength with others."  Of course, Taya is referring to her late husband, "American Sniper" Chris Kyle, Navy Seal.


New York Times Best Selling author, and perhaps the deadliest man to ever peer through the scope of a military rifle.  Since his tragic death in February of 2013, Taya has focused on keeping the spirit of his service alive.  As Taya puts it, "Chris left us with a lot to do.  Everyone struggles.  I believe if we are open to it, we can see how God prepares us ahead of time for the hardships we will face in our lives.  He also takes care of us afterward and shows us how to help others."


For sponsorship of this fundraiser or for sponsorship at The Big Green Soccer Complex, email Shawn Mcgrath at or call 580-647-2020 for more information.


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