James Taylor Testimony

Posted by: Communications Manager on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 12:00:00 am

By CAPT James Taylor, US Navy (Ret.) – Program Manager, American Job Center (Lawton Workforce)

I became a member of the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce in 2015 in order to better network and collaborate with business leaders and individuals in the Lawton Fort Sill area. Through my more than 20 years in the military, I had the great opportunity to utilize those memberships with local and regional chambers. These memberships allowed me to establish and foster my connections in order to broaden my reach and strengthen valuable partnerships in speaker forums, business after hours, subject matter experts in finance and industry, business synchronization, education and academia, STEM, foreign collaborations in space and aviation technology, entrepreneurial and economic development and so much more.

The chamber has locally benefitted me and the Lawton Workforce by allowing us to further our message as to who we are and what we do for and with the Lawton Fort Sill market. Lawton Workforce is the Employment, Reemployment, Adult and Youth Services office, not just the Unemployment Office as it is often misunderstood. Our number one customer is the employer. At Lawton Workforce, provide active job postings, job fairs and hiring events, on-site training and registration functions. Lawton Workforce also provides guidance and employer support when meeting state employment guidelines and responses to queries, and connecting employers with state and federal agencies that further their workforce compliance with WOTC, Federal Bonding and Labor Law. Through this process, Lawton Workforce continues to grow and expand its support to job seekers by providing commercial and federal resume development, interview training and dress for success workshops in our office or on Fort Sill.

I will continue to be a chamber member because I believe that our chamber matters for all the right reasons. The return on my investment through my membership is only as good as my participation in programs, events and connections that I make, which allow me to collaborate with others in the outstanding community that is my home, place of work and the businesses that make me Lawton Proud.

What I would say to encourage someone or another business to join and remain a member of the chamber: "This is your Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce – it is imperative that you invest your membership, time and talent in order to garner the return on your investment. If it is not working for you, ask, inquire, press for more information and even ask for help from the chamber staff. Make your investment for you and your business."


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