Lawton Fort Sill Co-Op

The Lawton Fort Sill Co-Op promotes unity between business and military leaders, and understanding between the business community of Lawton and the Soldiers of Fort Sill. If you aren’t yet a part of this phenomenal program, here a a few reasons you should be: 

  1. Co-Op creates a direct tie between your business and Fort Sill. The program allows for soldiers to attend your event, and all you have to do is filll out a form and submit it to MWR. The bonds you form through Co-Op are invaluable.
  2. Through Co-Op you are able to participate in various events throughout the year such as the Dinges Awards Banquet, The Buffalo Burger Cookout, The Bill Smith Memorial Golf Tournament and many more.
  3. Co-Op opens the door for many volunteer opportunities. Businesses and soldiers can work together to better the Lawton Fort Sill community.
  4. You will be ahead of the power curve, as you find out information before everyone else. Get a first look at advertising opportunities, and have the ability to plan ahead, because you will hear about events before anyone else.
  5. Be a part of an outstanding legacy. Co-Op began in 1980. It was pioneered by Major General Edward A. Dinges, the Commanding General of Fort Sill,  and former Lawton Mayor, Wayne Gilley. This laid the groundwork for what we have today. They dreamed of a mutual cooperation and understanding between military personnel and civilians, and we are still fostering those relationships today. 

The Lawton Fort Sill Co-Op is about people working together for the betterment of the community and building friendships that last a lifetime.

Co-Op dues are $200, and can be billed quarterly. Contact Sharleen Gehers to join today!


Commerce Circle