Your Chamber on the NEWS: Chairman Albert Johnson Jr. Visits KSWO & KLAW 101

Posted by: Communications Manager on Friday, September 21, 2018 at 12:00:00 am
Your Chamber on the MOVE: With the upcoming Ware On C community event vastly approaching, Chairman Albert Johnson Jr. visited KSWO and KLAW 101 to discuss the grand opening of the Ware District in Downtown Lawton with the first community wide event. On KLAW 101, Mr. Johnson spoke with Jeri Anderson, Host of the Oklahoma’s Best Country station, about the goals for the opening of the Ware District and how it encourages community members to not only participate, but become involved in. Following the informative discussion on community involvement and what’s happening on “Ware”, Mr. Johnson met with KSWO to share insight on what to expect with the upcoming event with Anchor Caitlin Williams. 



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