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Posted by: Communications Manager on Monday, October 8, 2018 at 12:00:00 am


I am honored to be a member of the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber. As a new business, the Chamber has enabled me to network better, has introduced me to people and provided a place for me to teach classes. I knew I was in the right place, when I walked into the Chamber for a membership and Melissa Beck stopped what she was doing to help me. I am a proud member of the Small Business Committee and a Redcoat. The Chamber has also provided me with opportunities to take some great classes. Thank you for all you do!

-Sara Paape, 3Raptor Consulting, Chamber Member Since 2018. 


The Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce has always been a great resource for our business, and we've made great connections from taking part in their events. But that's not what I value the most about them. It's that they are always open to new ideas and looking for innovative ways to help businesses grow and reach the people in our community. Any idea that's brought to them, they're open to talking about it and willing to try different things. I have been behind the scenes when they have launched things like Lawton Proud, Young Professionals, the Christmas Crawl, Open Streets, and more, and I can tell you first hand how passionate they are about bringing value to Lawton Fort Sill. Our community is beyond blessed to have an active Chamber that is committed to being innovative in everything they do.

-Kelly Edwards, Lawton Marketing Group, Chamber Member Since 2012. 


When I first moved to Lawton to join CenterPoint Energy (and therefore joining the Chamber of Commerce as a member), I knew very few people and even fewer businesses. As someone who's livelihood depends on relationship building, I became involved with the Chamber's membership committee and it instantly impacted the way I do business. I was able to network at the many events held by the Chamber and develop relationships with key decision makers in Lawton. Because of my Lawton Chamber of Commerce involvement, I have grown professionally and personally and it has also led to a very successful and productive relationship with my community. I've become more involved through the many events the Chamber promotes and holds and I've been able to visit so many wonderful businesses that I otherwise may not have encountered. The staff at the Lawton Chamber of Commerce and the members I've grown to know and love are what make me #LawtonProud.

-Cody Dupler, CenterPoint Energy, Chamber Member Since 1975. 


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