President & CEO Brenda Spencer-Ragland Brings In The New Year With Special Message Opportunity For Growth

Posted by: Communications Manager on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 12:00:00 am

2019 a New Year, a new opportunity to focus on growth, both in our personal lives and our professional lives. I recently received a note from someone I really appreciate having in my life, as she challenges me to think deeper. She shared she will be focused on growing in wisdom in the new-year.   I must admit I thought that was much better than the normal resolution of working out more, losing ten pounds, or saving toward the first million.   We may look back at our past resolutions and smile, or commit to adopt them again in 2019. Whatever we choose to do, we should all resolve and commit to improve ourselves, our workplace, our community, and yes our nation. Yes I do believe as individuals, as a community, we can impact the nation.   I believe in the saying “goodness happens at the local level.” Individuals create community, and communities create a nation, thus the goodness that starts locally can flow throughout the nation.


Every January for the last 30 plus years I’ve resolved to be more efficient in my workplace, be better at time management, create a savings or an improvement that produced measurable results for the organization. I am sure the driving factor has something to due with the fact I grew up professionally in the Reagan era.   I recall the drills of zero-based budgeting, as well as Lean Six Sigma. As I look to 2019 I believe my desire to be more efficient in my workplace remains a good goal.   But I believe I will focus on not just being more efficient but trying to create opportunities for others to be more efficient. If I have learned anything in 2018, it’s that time passes by swiftly, and before you know it the year is coming to an end and you are entering a new year. As that new-year takes off, you need to be ready for the challenges and the changes you will face.  


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