Brenda Spencer-Ragland Chamber View 12/3/2019

Posted by: Communications Manager on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 12:00:00 am

Recently I have enjoyed the opportunity to read several great books. Most were for assigned classwork.
I have read a few about leadership, being an agent of change, reflection and the importance of self-
reflection. I also read a letter I received that referred to be the Bette Davis of the Chamber. At first,
being a little naïve perhaps, I thought that’s kind.

They are perhaps complimenting my eyes, since Bette
Davis was known for her beautiful eyes. I later thought, perhaps they are referring to me as Bette Davis for
my age. I finally just gave up on trying to sort out why someone would take the time to write me a
letter and not explain what they were thinking or provide enough logic in the letter that would allow me
to sort it out. Many may consider me naïve. They may do this based on my faith. Some don’t believe in my faith, and that’s okay.

I don’t need people to take on my faith, but I do want to work for and with
people that share the same values as I do. After a year of being at the Chamber, I still believe that’s why
I am here. I truly believe the 929 members that have invested in the Chamber, and in this community
are striving to do something positive for the community. Our Chamber members want to see Lawton
prosper and grow. They want to welcome others to our community so they too can see what we see.
Lawton is perfectly located in the foothills of the Wichita Mountains.

There is so much charm, beauty,
and history to be discovered. I stand proud of our beautiful region, and I ask that you please do the
same. Share the news of all the good things we have in Southwest Oklahoma to enjoy.
Speaking of being proud, we need to share what we are proud of as well. For me, I have two
grandchildren that attend Lawton Public Schools. Both are excelling.

Spencer and Waylon both are
good students with good grades. I am proud of their progress in school. I am also proud of Lawton
Public School. My three children graduated from Lawton Public School, and all three are doing just fine
in their chosen professions. When you hear of individuals looking to move to our area, share your story
of success both with the education, and being able to find quality and affordable housing, quality
medical, and yes fantastic places of worship.

As well, there are incredible opportunities to get involved. If you like to hunt, fish, volunteer, dance, sing, act or just take on additional educational
opportunities as an adult, there is nowhere better than Lawton, Oklahoma. Share the good – this is our
community, be proud of it and know it’s okay to be boastful. Also, I recently read the book “What Got
You Here, Won't Get You There" by Marshall Goldsmith.

Overall, a pretty good read and it fits into the
leadership/ Self-Help category. A key takeaway is a fact we cannot undervalue the importance of Self-
Awareness - what is unknown to us may be well-known to others.  This leads me to always remember, I
know things about myself others know, I know things they don’t know, and they know things about me
that I don’t know/see, and somethings are hidden/left undiscovered by me or others…

As we get more involved in our community, we will learn things about others, and we will learn facts versus fiction. I
would challenge all of us to attempt to learn and share facts about all situations. We can do this by
getting involved in the community, and then we can better share information to all looking for a new
home. In 1992 I chose Lawton as my home, now in 2019, I can honestly say it was a good choice, one I
would certainly choose again.
Our next scheduled luncheon is coming up on November 14. We will have speakers providing and
update on Tourism and Agriculture. If interested, visit our website at


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