URGENT Mask Ordinance Being Voted on Contact Your Councilmember Now!

Posted by: Communications Manager on Friday, July 17, 2020 at 12:00:00 am

Chamber members:


Today at 2:00 the Lawton City Council is having a special meeting to determine whether masks should be required.  The Chamber believes this is a critical issue for the entire business community.  As you know, the primary goal of the Chamber is to support our businesses and help them thrive and grow.  The facts are these:


  • The COVID-19 numbers continue to rise locally
  • Medical fact: wearing face masks significantly reduces the spread of viruses, including the coronavirus
  • If the virus continues to spread, the result will be a negative impact on business; aside from people fearing to venture out, there is the potential for another restriction on some types of businesses
  • If mandatory wearing of masks helps prevent businesses from being shut down and encourages customers to continue to frequent businesses, the business climate will improve for all our members.


We strongly encourage all of you to take a position, and to let your Council member know how you feel they should vote.  Whether you are pro or con, please take action this morning!  We hope your action will be in favor of the measure in order to help save the business environment.


The Mayor and Council members wards, phone numbers and email addresses are below.  Again, please take action  now!


Stan Booker, Mayor

581-3279   512-9799


Mary Ann Hankins:



Keith Jackson: 



Linda Chapman:



Jay Burk:



Allan Hampton: 



Sean Fortenbaugh: 



Onreka Johnson:



Randy Warren:



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