Submit an Event Funding Request

Convention and Visitors Bureau Event Support Application

Funding is available to assist groups and organizations with events that will bring visitors to Lawton. The CVB Advisory Council reviews applications for funding and provides recommendations to the Chamber’s Executive Committee and Board to allot funding. Preference is given to those events which produce a significant number of hotel room nights in Lawton. Please note, event funding support  and approval is subject to availability. 

Who Can Apply? All organizations, including non-profit and for profit, may apply. Applications must be submitted by event organizers, and may not be submitted by the host hotel or facility on behalf of the event organizers.

When Should Applications Be Submitted? Application must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the event date, and at least 14 days prior to the Advisory Council meeting date in which it will be reviewed. The CVB Advisory Council meets the second week of every month.

What Must Be Included with Applications? Applications must be complete to be reviewed and must contain the event budget, the marketing plan, and income/expenses/profit/loss expectations. A host hotel should be identified, or a rate-only designation must be provided by area hotels to allow tracking of room nights.

What Are Acceptable Uses for Funds Received? The application specifies the following suggested uses for funding – Facility Rental, Advertising, Marketing, Hospitality Services and Other. Applicants must be specific about their intended use. Some follow-up documentation may be required for certain funding uses.

Process for Applications Received

1. Applications will be reviewed by the CVB Director. 2. CVB Director will contact applicant regarding review and determine if additional documentation is needed. 3. Applicant may attend council meeting to answer questions about event. 4. Advisory Council will review and make a recommendation to the Executive Committee. 5. The Executive Committee will review and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors. 6. The Board will review and funds, if any, will be authorized. 7. CVB Director will contact applicant to advise them of final decision.

When Will Funds Be Received by Applicant? The CVB Director will request funds 30 days prior to event. Occasionally, requests will be made for proof of advertising, actual hotel room nights, etc. before funds are released. Some funding will be paid directly to facilities or service providers rather than directly to the applying organization.

Post Event Reports All organizations receiving funds are required to submit the Post-Event Report, which is part of the application, and return to the CVB Manager within 30 days following the event. The CVB Manager may request additional information prior to sending the report to the Council Organizations who do not submit the required documentation within the specified timeline will not be eligible for future funding.



Event Information

Event Name
Date Event Begins
Date Event Ends
Brief Event Description

Event History

Date of Last Event
Number of Years Previously Held
Location and Host Hotel of Last Event

Visitor Information

Anticipated Visitor Attendance

Local Within 75 miles of Lawton Fort Sill
Regional Within 75 miles of Lawton Fort Sill
Out of State
Expected Total Number Room Nights
How will hotel/motel room nights be tracked? Be specific
Do you have a group block agreement with a Lawton Fort Sill hotel?
Name of Host Hotel/Motel
Name of overflow hotels
Total number of hotel room nights from previous year

Funding Amount

Amount of Funding Requested
How will the requested funding be used?
Has this event previously received funds from the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce Hotel/Motel Tax Fund?
 Yes  No  
If yes, what amount was received?
Provide description and history that supports the need for funding. Describe the projectís merit as an event or activity designed to enhance Lawton Fort Sill as a travel destination.
Describe funding justification and economic benefit and impact to the visitor industry of Lawton Fort Sill.

Contact Information

Organization Name
Event Point of Contact
Daytime Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
Email Address


How will the event be promoted?
 Digital (Internet)
 Publicity (Word of Mouth method)
 Flyer Distribution
 Club Meetings
Additional Areas of Interest To Include In Event
 Host Hotel Options
 Rate Requests
 Housing Bureau
 Media Outreach
 Social Media Promotion
 Welcome Bags
 Registration/Check-In Assistance
 Itinerary Preparation
 Opening/Welcome Remarks
 Dignitary Invites
 Posting of Colors