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Education Action Group

Assisting Our Partners in Education

This group assembles when specific actions need to be taken to assist our education partners with workforce development.   

  • Initiated legislation to provide students with elective credits for working in businesses
  • Raised funds to maintain the National Math & Science Initiative (NMSI) program
  • Held summits to identify solutions to workforce issues
  • Established working subcommittees to implement soft-skills training in schools
  • Created “Lawton Loves Educator” discount programs with merchants
  • Formed the Partners in Education program to give individuals, businesses and organizations a means to provide support to local schools
  • Hosted community welcome events for Teach For America teachers
  • Annually provide input on Chamber Legislative Agendas
  • Organized community input sessions for bond issue considerations


Co-Chair: Patty Neuwirth

Co-Chair: James Taylor