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Redcoat Ambassadors

Why should you be a Lawton Redcoat Ambassador? 


The first question should really be what is a Lawton Redcoat Ambassador?

We are ambassadors to the Lawton Fort Sill Community, promoting businesses and supporting the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce in a multitude of functions.

Actually learn what the Chamber does, benefits of being a Chamber member, and how being a member affects your business.

You support your community, through your participation in Chamber activities.




You see new businesses coming into our community, meet them during ribbon cuttings, and foster a new relationship among the Chamber Membership, which can assist in networking you and your business.

You promote your brand, by merely participating in Chamber events.

Learn to improve your marketing and business techniques through the successes of others.

Provide an invaluable service as an interface between the Chamber and businesses scheduled for retention at 120 days out of membership retention.

Work and play with likeminded folks who have experience as a Redcoat Ambassador.

Apply today!

For more information, contact Joe Diaz, Redcoat Ambassador Chairman, or Bonnie Pruitt, Redcoat Ambassador Vice Chairman.